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CHALLENGE OF MONDOR                         WILD RATING -


The newest ride at Enchanted Forest is Challenge of Mondor.  Your mission is to help save the Ooglies from Draco and his crew of dragons.   The ride travels through a swamp, into Draco's throne room, past the treasure room, and an out-of-place desert scene before heading back out.  The cars seat 4 people as they travel along the course.  Along the way, the turn in 3 complete circles and travel into and out of the throne room giving you a variety of things to see.


Throughout the course of the ride, you help defeat the bad guys by shooting little blue targets with your gun.  Each successful shot earns you 30 pts.  At the end of the ride, you can check out your final score and compare it to the highest score of the day and the highest score ever (currently 4650).   With the scoring aspect, this ride is very rerideable and rounds out the collection of rides at Enchanted Forest very nicely.  The theming is remarkable as well, both inside and out.

      Look!  They spelled "ultimate" wrong.  Oops.

New for this year:  Get the highest score of the day on Mondor and you get a cool little Mondor Medallion.  Not a bad souvineir and you can't buy them in any of the gift shops so you have to earn it.   (You'll notice that I earned one.)