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Ice Mountain Bobsleds               Wild Rating--


Maybe the best way to describe this ride is a Poor Man's Matterhorn.  Taking some obvious bits of inspiration from the Disneyland ride, Ice Mountain Bobsleds is a great family rollercoaster.  You climb into one of the 3 cars on the train and they close the lid.  You travel up a short lift hill and into the mouth of a cave.  Mist surrounds the bobsled, making it impossible to see anything.  Slowly the coaster rolls into the mountain and back out the other side.

You are in the mountain for about 10 seconds, and then you are rolling through the woods.  It goes through a series of small drops and highly banked turns, providing a fairly smooth ride.  Eventually it reaches a second short lift hill, dropping and slowly rolling back in front of the mountain and through another tunnel before returning to the station.  It isn't a real long ride, but at about 30 MPH, it is a ride that the whole family can ride together and is very unique.  It is one of the only coasters where riders sit in an enclosed car and the mountain also adds a great deal to the ride.  Check out the video below for a complete front seat ride!