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Big Timber Log Ride                                Wild Rating --

This is the longest and tallest log flume in the northwest.  It starts out with a ride up the lift and into a sawmill.  It meanders through the woods a little bit past some fake wild west buildings.  It goes down a short water drop, about 10 feet, that gets everyone in the boat wet.   This is only a trifle compared to the drenching that is to come.  After another short lift, the log turns a corner and drops down a 25 foot tall rollercoaster drop.  It pops back up and turns another corner.  Then comes the big drop.


The log falls 40 feet into the lagoon below creating what is probably the biggest splash on any log flume I've seen.  It rounds a corner passing the observation deck before returning to the station.  It is a little on the short side compared to Knott's Berry Farm's Timber Mountain and Disneyland's Splash Mountain, but is still a great ride.  The coaster drop is a unique and thrilling element that makes this ride special.