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Enchanted Forest

8461 Enchanted Way SE

Turner, OR 97392

(503) 363-3060

(503) 371-4242

Enchanted Forest is located 7 miles south of Salem, Oregon at I-5 exit 248.  

No, they aren't flipping you off.  They're doing the thumbs up sign.  Sheesh!      

The Enchanted Forest is located in Turner, OR and is a great childrens' amusement park.  It was opened in August of 1971 and was designed and created by Roger Tofte.  There are 3 major sections of the park.  Tofteville is an old mining town complete with the Fort Fearless.  The Old World takes you back to Medieval Europe.  Finally the heart of the park is the Storybook land.  Guests walk thru different scenes from childrens' stories including Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, and Hansel & Gretel.  The park also has a few rides and one of the best walk-thru Haunted Houses in the world.  Click on the logo above to visit the park's official website.

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The Castle welcomes visitors to the storybook land.     The Castle is the entrance into the storybook land.  It tells the story of Sleeping Beauty inside.
The first character that you encounter on the Storybook trail is Humpty Dumpty.  Next up is Mary, who had a little lamb.

The Candy House from the story of Hansel and Gretel.  Looks good enough to eat.
There is a pretty good sized section on Alice in Wonderland.  This area includes a big maze and a cool trip through the rabbit hole.  You enter through a tree stump (right), crawl under the pathway and end up coming out of the keyhole (left).
Here's Micah and Eber waiting to go inside the Seven Dwarfs' Mine.  Inside are a few of these Glory Holes.  It is really dark inside, so the picture doens't look exactly like real life.  The green is water falling down over the colored limestone walls.

One of the most famous things in the park is the Witch's Head.  You enter through the witch's mouth.  Inside there is a little scene with the witch preparing a poisoned apple for Snow White.  Then you can exit down a slide in the witch's hair. 


The Witch's Head
The Three Bears' House
The Crooked Man's House is a slanted house that is very difficult to walk through.  Small children especially will have a fun time trying to stay on their feet. Crooked Man's House

One of the last buildings on the Storybook Land is Red Riding Hood's grandma's house.  If you look inside the window, you can see the Big Bad Wolf waiting anxiously.
The Old Lady in the Shoe sits atop her house.  Meanwhile guests to the park can slide out of the shoe on one of the park's slides.  This is one of the most popular attractions in the park for good reason:  it's a lot of fun!

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Tofteville is the old west town at Enchanted Forest.  You can walk along and see inside a bunch of shops including a saloon and "muzeim".  There are also a couple of gift shops, and games.  One of the classics from Tofteville was Johnny Rio.  You could test and see how quick your gun was.  Unfortunately, he is gone now (hopefully not for good); replaced by Abe Lincoln.  Also located in Tofteville is Fort Fearless and the Indian Caves.

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The streets of the Old World Village area are cleverly designed.   This area contains Gepetto's Workshop, Merlin's Magic Shop, and a few other little buildings.  Keep your eyes open for the old ladies gossipping through the upstairs windows of the village.  The Village is also the home to the Fantasy Fountains water and light show.   The show, located in the Jolly Roger Inn, runs about every 10 minutes and last for about 7.  It is a must see while at the park.

The excellent Haunted House was voted the best walk-thru Haunted House in the country.  Nothing to get too scared of, but watch out for the Executioner!!

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There are a couple of rides at Enchanted Forest that aren't really themed like the rest of the park.  They are a couple of kiddie rides and the Crazy Bumper Cars.  While they aren't quite as powerful as the ones at Oaks Park, they're still a lot of fun.

froghopper1.jpg (21942 bytes)

The Frog Hopper is one of the kiddie rides, although adults can ride too.  The other 2 are a kiddie ferris wheel and the kiddie bumper boats.

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play.jpg (16506 bytes) If you are really fortunate, you can catch a play at the Fairweather Theater.  This is from the 2006 production of the Princess and the Pea.  On the right is my cousin's son R.J.  He's a cutie! rj.jpg (9059 bytes)
newbumpercars.JPG (62907 bytes) These are the new bumper cars!   Ooh, aah!  They replaced the crappy old ones.  They're nothing compared to the ones at Oaks, but they're not bad. bumpercarsonride2.JPG (59372 bytes)

trainride.JPG (82820 bytes)

Here is the great new kiddie train ride.  It travels around a miniature village while the cars move up and down.   It also plays "Old MacDonald" and makes animal noises.  A nice addition to the park I'd say.